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How it works!

GASBETON® is like a well leavened cake made up of few natural resources such as water, sand, a little lime and cement and a pinch of "yeast". Taken together, these components represent 80% of the elements of the earth's crust.

1. Simple and successful recipe
GASBETON® is non-toxic, it uses raw materials that are widespread in nature but above all it is economical: 5 m3 of GASBETON® require only 1 m3 of raw materials.

2. Lightweight
The GASBETON® blocks can be lifted easily making installation less burdensome.

3. Resistant
The GASBETON® blocks combine lightness with high bearing capacity.

4. Precise
The dimensional accuracy (+/- 1 mm) and the homogeneity of the material simplify the installation, reducing the use of plasters and ensuring complete adhesion of the adhesive.
The constructive result will be better with a higher performance of the masonry under load.

5. Easy to work with
With GASBETON® bricks, laying is 30% faster than traditional systems and the ease of cutting the blocks allows for the creation of sub-measures and special pieces on site without wasting costs.
Very easy to make the tracking for plumbing and electrical systems.

6. Acoustic insulation
The GASBETON® walls avoid the formation of acoustic bridges thanks to both the porosity of the cellular structure of the material and the precision of the installation with a “thin joint” between the extremely calibrated blocks.

7. Thermal insulation
GASBETON® walls reduce energy costs to maintain the temperature of the house. The high thermal insulation values ​​make GASBETON® an excellent material for any climate.

8. Fire resistant
GASBETON® is an incombustible mineral material (Euroclass of reaction to fire A1 - according to D.M. 10/03/05), it does not release toxic fumes and offers exceptional fire resistance.
Its physical characteristics make it one of the most suitable materials for the construction of fire walls. Among the numerous fields of use there are even the walls of the test ovens of laboratories that issue fire resistance certifications: no argument can be more convincing.

9. Environmental sustainability
GASBETON® is a building material with high environmental sustainability because:

- It is produced in the EKORU® plant with low energy consumption, without harmful emissions into the atmosphere and without liquid and solid waste;
- Its lightness reduces pollution in the transport phase;
- Thermal insulation reduces consumption;
- In the demolition phase GASBETON® is 100% recyclable.

Fire resistance!

Regular Block Vs. GASBETON® 

Water-repellent / Hydrophobic

Strong & Durable

Regular Block Vs. GASBETON® 

A lightweight but extremely strong, load-bearing system

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